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Born and raised in Adelaide. Passionate about communication and self-development. Have an entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit. And am looking forward to growing an empire so I can help save the planet (with a margarita in hand and a few giggles along the way).

I really do love technology. It blows my mind how far we've advanced over the past decade and I think it serves a wonderful purpose. But I also think that with the ease and effortlessness that it now takes to connect online with anyone, anywhere, I believe we've become more disconnected than ever before. Conversations or a friendly smile across the room have been replaced with swipes and clicks and (ew, wait for it) wink emojis... nuh-uh, we can do better than that!

- Art Linkletter

- Art Linkletter


"For me it wasn't just about dating. My circle of friends are at a different stage of life to me and I wanted to meet a new bunch of friends. And I did! A few of us catch up outside of the events now and have a lot of fun. Thank you!"


—  Sonja