"The single most important factor in determining whether or not you connect with another person is neither personality nor mutual interests - it is simple proximity." - Ori & Rom Brafman

Oh hello, Socials.

Are you tired of swiping left, swiping right, winking, sending kisses, messaging for all of eternity or

only coming across cringey singles events? I was! And what are the options for those looking to make new friends or explore new experiences? Any suggestions? Well, what if there were things to do in Adelaide that could get you offline and in the company of like-minded people? Events that weren't solely focussed on dating but had the potential to roll that way. Somewhere that gives you the opportunity to connect with others based on good, old-fashioned chemistry instead of profile pics and preconceived ideas. Doesn't that sound great?

Yes. Yes, it does.


The Modern Social (TMS) provides the opportunity for real-life connection, human interaction, and a great time out at a variety of hosted events such as MIXERS, dinners and local activities. It's designed for members looking to expand their social horizons and meet new, awesome, interesting, amazing people. Like you! Our online presence will be a hub for relevant personal development, offering valuable content and tools to help encourage and prepare us for some offline fun and real-life social engagement.


The world is amazing... let's get off the screens and get out there & see it for ourselves.

Ready? Let's do this...

Imagine yourself in a room. The company that surrounds you is new. The human chemistry and all its raw potential is intoxicating. The adrenalin, exciting. The smiles, warm. The eye contact, curious. Imagine already knowing that everyone around you has arrived with the same intent as you and is available to connect with in some way.

Whether you're looking for friendship, romance, a likeminded new network (social or professional), or just a good time out, you'll be surrounded by people in the exact same boat. Let's row together!! You'll be welcomed on arrival to each event by a host who'll help ease any early jitters and explain how that event will unfold. It's also an early opportunity to be introduced to others that have already arrived. At any time during the night you're welcome to hangout with your host who will also be keeping an eye on everyone during the event and helping all members interact. This fact - along with the ongoing proof that TMS members are super welcoming - means everyone feels comfortable and included and can really enjoy this awesome concept. What starts out as a bunch of individuals turning up (mostly solo) to an event, amalgamates into one solid roar of chatter and laughter on a night out (or whatever time of the day it may be). And who doesn't like chatter and laughter, right?!

A common question asked is regarding age range or limits... the short answer is 'none'. We're all adults, I think we can decide for ourselves whom we'd like to associate with. So if you like the sound of an event, let that be the reason you attend! Then you'll have at least that much in common with others around you, regardless of their age, gender or intentions. I think we limit ourselves enough.. The Modern Social isn't going to add to that list. We're about breaking barriers down; it's kinda fun once you do! x

You'll be invited to dinners, MIXERS, workshops, galas, brunches, wine tours & more. There'll be plenty of opportunities to put the phone down, close the computer, get out of the house, meet new and/or familiar faces and expand your social horizons and repertoire.

No more screens. Real-life networking, with that lovely undertone of potential.

Our signature monthly events include:

• Friday Night MIXER

• Saturday Night Social

• Supper Club

...with feature events popping up in between!

Our intention is to give people the opportunity to connect with others. We encourage this whether it's with us or other groups / concepts that offer similar experiences. So if you're free to get out and about and we don't have something on (or our events are already full, which happens often), please take a look around as there may be something else on offer that fits your schedule. Our main goal is to get you offline and having fun, whether it's with us or someone else... Get out there, yo!!! We're also always open to event suggestions. So, if you think it'd be great to do something in particular that's hosted and/or organised by us, let us know!! You can drop us a line HERE to do so.

We look forward to welcoming you soon. Head over to our FAQ's if you've got any questions or drop us a line if you need more answers!

The Modern Social.

Events with potential.

B x