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We’d like to welcome you to The Modern Social
and invite you to join over 6000 members in Australia.

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"We need to recognise & nurture the power of proximity. If you want to connect with people, then be around them."

Bianca Tropeano, Founder & CEO

The Modern Social is an event planning concept that creates social experiences for adults. Away from technology. Away from personal profiles. Away from preconceived ideas and self-limiting beliefs. A place where you can simply be you and feel the rush of meeting someone new,

in person. And not just one person. Many persons.

We provide the opportunity for real-life connection, human interaction, socialising and a great time out of the house with a variety of hosted events and experiences such as mixers, dinners and local activities. It's designed for members looking to expand their social horizons and meet new, awesome, interesting people. Like you!


Our online presence is a hub for relevant personal development, offering valuable content and tools to help encourage and prepare us for some offline fun and real-life social engagement. There's also an opportunity for private or group coaching, to further prepare yourself with the confidence and mindset to fulfil the social potential you may be looking for - whether that's a romantic connection, new friends, or just a good time out. 

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